Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not single with children but single with dogs...

With the divorce rate in America these days it's not surprising to find a lot of personal ads of people single with children.  As a single childless female scouring the top online dating sights, I know first hand.  Even with settings set to "No Children" as a "Must Have"  it's funny how many men w/ child stumble upon my profile and decide to contact me.  I've contemplated making my headline "w/ child need not apply", but have found this to be a bit harsh considering my unwavering desire to have children of my own one day.

But I have recently found my self wondering, am I really different than these singles with?  As I have not one, not two but THREE four legged children!  And I do consider them my children.  I make sure they are fed, loved and always have a roof over their heads.  Yeah I am sure a lot of people will read this and think there is no comparison between children and dogs, but I have come to believe children would be a lot easier to introduce to a new "somebody" in your life than canine kids.

Now you can't force neither human or dog to like, let alone, bond with someone new but children do not have to be around said new person and at very least can appease their parent by acting cordial when in the newbies presence.  Ever sat your dog down and asked them to please at least act like you like them?  It doesn't work.  You are all your dog has and rely on you 100%, therefore they don't want nor have to share you.  Children share their parents time with everyday life everyday.  Nothing has made me more emotional in my trek to singledom than the thought of having to introduce my dogs to a new special someone.

So as I continue my quest to find love and start a human family of my own, I have to wonder...  Will I find that single without who will accept me for canines and all, unlike my non-acceptance of those with children?  Or will they all see nothing but a crazy dog lady leaving me single with canines forever?

Till then I know I'll continued to be loved 3 times over single or not!