Monday, June 28, 2010

A dogs life...

Hello humans in cyberspace, I'm Bob Edward a 4 year old dachshund!  My mom thought it would be best I write our first blog entry.  Of course I can't say I am too surprised as I am the man of the house, yes, that's me the stunning one in the front of the picture.  Hello bitches ;)

Anyhow my mom said she was starting this blog to share the stories of a single lady and her three dogs, but really I think it's just an excuse to make having three of us appear normal, as opposed to some crazy dog lady!  I don't really understand why she thinks she needs another man in her life, as I think I am pretty good at taking care of her needs.  I lick her, spoon and cuddle her, whisper (ok sniff) sweet nothings in her ear, follow her every move, listen to her, watch chick flicks and never interrupt and am home for dinner every night!  Who could ask for more?

Speaking of following her, ahhhh she's leaving the room!  Gotta go till next time!

Bob E.